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1. International Shipping Agency.  

2. Fine Art Courier.

3. Delivery in Person*: Delivery by agent at time and location of client's choice. 

Orders over $15,000 (USD) or equivalent currency values delivered Changa Rouche*     (13,000 EUR / £12,000 (UK) / 105,000 RMB)  

*Depending on country availability.



Purchasers provide titles for their paintings. 

The paintings have no narrative. They are purely visual. They are about seeing and enjoying seeing with no explanation necessary. Buyers are free to create their own narrative based on their response, rather than one prescribed by a title. For this reason each painting awaits a title from it's buyer. The title is more than merely about the painting. It is about the owner's relationship with the painting.


 "I have been painting long enough to witness people passing my paintings down through generations. These paintings have become highly personalized possessions through many years of ownership. Younger family members have inherited them, sometimes through two generations. Also, organizations from the fields of petrochemicals to medicine have purchased them for retiring officers and professionals, my first such sale dating back decades. The paintings are profoundly personalised. My concept is about embracing this strong connection between purchaser and painting at the outset. It centres on recognizing people's engagement with their paintings. Their chosen title is officially placed alongside their name, making the title more unique, and personalizing it by including the owner's name in the title. Please enjoy your paintings for a long, long time."   

The paintings are produced using rich, exceedingly dense, and

permanent pigment, on high specification watercolour paper. These

colours have great brightness. They have high permanence

ratings on the ASTMS* scale. They have strong lightfast qualities. These

qualities match and exceed the finest print quality. Materials specifications

for paintings are available on request.  

*ASTMS American Society of Testing and Materials.  


Joe Francis Dowden. April 2019.


The title and buyers name will always headline the provenance.

The provenance will consist of detailed information about the purchased painting. 


Precise dimensions of the painting in millimeters will be included. These are not to be confused with the usual dimensions given in centimeters, which represent the painting visible in the mount, known as the opening dimensions. These precise dimensions are the total exact size of the painting representing the hidden sides beyond the opening. These are unique dimensions, each also being slightly different, and rarely if ever repeated in the same combination, so they assist in long term reliable identification. They are in effect four sets of three digits - but with a recurrence probability  beyond that of a four digit security code. 

Additionally, unlike many watercolours, these paintings are not sized to standard opening sizes, and/or standard sheet sizes, except where requested by the client, so the dimensions of each painting

contribute to its unique identification. In this way each painting comes with its own unique and verified code linked to the work itself.     

The provenance, with title connected to purchaser's name, along with this unique identification system is about trust, dependability and client partnership. 

Joe Francis Dowden  

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